The Moulin d'Iches (3 stars)


The Mill is situated in the village of Cazals, in the 'Bouriane' between Quercy and Périgord, in a park of eight hectares. It is surrounded by countryside and is part of a Quercy-type Mill, amidst streams and fields where horses and donkeys graze.

Art-lovers can profit from the permanent exhibition of around forty sculptures, which suggest a primitive and European tribal art with humanity and poetry and which lead to the hope of secret bridges. See the web-site of Patrick Vogel


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The Cazals area is a green frontier between the Quercy and the Périgord. In this area where Nature is queen, which evokes beauty, the joys of life and gastronomy, one can paraphrase the saying of Auguste Breton about a famous site in the Lot: "I have stopped wanting to be elsewhere".


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Moulin d'Iches
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